Chicago & Midwest

Regional Joint Board


The Chicago and Midwest Joint Board, Workers United is dedicated to workers rights, organizing and education. We are an aggressive and growing union driven by the strength of an informed and empowered membership. We represent thousands of workers in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Utah.

Our members work in industrial laundries, distribution centers, light manufacturing, racetracks, clothing manufacturing and hotels. Our members make the footballs for the Super Bowl, the uniforms for the Air Force Academy cadets, the seats for Corvettes, and they help racegoers at Chruchill Downs.


The Chicago and Midwest Joint Board of Workers United is one of the most active labor unions in the country. We strive in being the leaders in union activism and education. Our mission is to make sure our members get the best representation at work, while they learn about their rights in an unfair economic system. We want our members and all workers in America to  get a living wage and to see the end of draconian right-to-work laws



Kathy Hanshew


Assistant Manager

Carlos Ginard


    Doug Warren


Karen Sharp, Mark Milko, Catherine Whisenand, Karen Bean, Tomasa Casiano, Micaela Castro, Margarito Diaz, Irma Garcia, Martin Salgado, Joe Hendrix, Margorie Dina Terrell, Renee Kelly, Shawn Smith, JoAnn Richardson, Tamika Giles, Virgil Nelson, Jeff Kellett, Antwan Lewis, Pat Dickey, Dan Colleta, Kevin Lanning, Tom Molyet, Matt Rhinehart, John Lacey, Lily Young.