A message from the Workers United Leadership Team

Dear Workers United family,


We have been through many disasters and tough times together, but nothing has prepared us for navigating through these uncharted waters due to the coronavirus.  These past several days have been full of confusion for everyone.  With recent guidance by the CDC, and mainly from our State and Local governments,  and throughout Canada, we are all now responding to stringent new regulations that will limit human contact across North America.


This pandemic has laid bare the deep inequalities in our society, which will worsen as millions of Americans and Canadians face reduced work hours, layoffs, and closures.


Unlike the vast majority of people in the United States and Canada, you, Workers United members, have our Union and the rights, voice, and benefits you've earned, to call upon in this crisis.


You can depend on us to help you navigate the challenges ahead, and to stand as a beacon of hope and presence in your communities. 


Here’s what you can expect from Workers United:


  • Continued timely payments for those who receive disability and health and welfare checks

  • On the ground help if you are laid off, and need to apply for benefits

  • Continued representation by your Business Representatives, who are still here for you. We might be doing things a little differently, in that you might not see your reps physically present at your workplace, but be assured that they are communicating with your worksite leaders and company officials via telephone, video calls, Facetime, and email, to keep track of ongoing grievances, problem solving processes, and existing or upcoming bargaining.  We want you to know that despite having less presence on site, Workers United will continue to provide representation every day.


As we've learned in past crises like 9/11, Katrina, and the 2008 financial crisis; our staff and members are incredibly generous to one another despite facing real hardship. 


We are all in this together.


We urge you to follow to the guidelines of your local government and the CDC and practice social distancing and frequent hand-washing. Together, we can slow and eventually stop the spread of this virus, and work towards getting everyone’s lives back to some semblance of normalcy.

Workers United leadership and staff are staying on top of this ever-evolving situation. Please check our website and Facebook page often, as we will be relaying important information and resources through these mediums. You can use the buttons above for information about specific issues, such as unemployment compensation and resources.


Your Workers United Leadership Team