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Workers United provides its members with services that will better their lives at work and at home. Contact your Union Representative for more information on some of these services.


Labor unions have a long and proud history for fighting for health and safety rights for workers. Each province has legislation specific to Health and Safety in the workplace; Health and Safety legislation includes regulations for employers to maintain a safe workplace, protection against violence, harassment and discrimination, and workers’ rights to a safe workplace. It also outlines rights and responsibilities related to hazardous materials, safety equipment and training.

Each unionized workplace should have a Health and Safety committee and/or representative. A Health and Safety Committee can give you advice on how to stay safe at work, as well as receive complaints about possible health and safety violations. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring your employer is in compliance with Health and Safety legislation and can make effective recommendations to improve workplace safety.

Workers United offers Health and Safety Committee training, as well as WSIB specific training workshops. Contact your Health and Safety committee, shop steward or Union representative for more information, or check your union bulletin board.

Education and training are keys to building a strong union at your workplace. Each year, hundreds of Workers United members attend training sessions, workshops, and conferences to upgrade their skills and knowledge. The result is stronger local unions, with more knowledgeable committees, shop stewards and members with the skills and ability to help their co-workers every day at work.

Our education department offers a variety of training sessions designed to not only develop skills, but also bring workers together from various workplaces who work in the same industry. Involved members mean a stronger union!

Workers United provides training and educational workshops in such areas as:

  • Health and safety

  • Politics

  • Leadership

  • Shop Steward (Level I and Level II)

  • Collective Bargaining

  • Grievance Procedure

Check your workplace bulletin board for upcoming sessions or speak with your union representative.

Workers United Organizing team is at the forefront of Labor Organizing in America. We are the first Union to organize nail salon workers, and gym trainers. We pride in being able to organize any worker that needs a union. Our organizers are knowledgeable on labor laws and rules, to make sure you are protected while you are trying to organize a Union at work.

We believe that every North American workers should have a Union. This is why we are committed to you and your workers to help you better your workplace. 

Click below to have one of our professional Union organizers contact you with information about joining Workers United.


The Workers United Retirees Association makes it possible for you to retire from your job and stay with your union.

The Workers United Retirees Association is an international network of union retirees throughout the United States and Canada dedicated to fighting for working families and improving the lives of retirees. Our association advocates for issues affecting retirees, such as healthcare, prescription drugs, retirement security, pension benefits, Social Security and Medicare. The years of experience our retirees have as union activists, make them the most qualified to advocate and protect the interest of union retirees and working families.

Our Workers United Retirees Association members are organized into regional assemblies and local retiree chapters. In the retiree chapters, our members meet monthly and organize social and political activities. Our retiree chapter members plan fun outings to local plays, festivals and casinos. They also keep chapter members informed about legislation that would affect them as seniors of the union. Retirees rally against any legislation that aims to make benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare or workers' rights.

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