Jan. 20, 2021 - The inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris was a window to the next four years. The ceremony projected the hope for unity, compassion, humanity, and inclusivity.


Democracy has prevailed. We have emerged stronger and our vision for a better America is clearer now than ever.


Through his early words and actions, President Biden has shown that he will be an advocate for workers’ rights. He has done so with the nomination of Marty Walsh, Boston’s mayor and pro-labor veteran, and the firing of the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel under the previous administration, who was hostile toward workers and unions.


In Vice President Kamala Harris, we have a woman who exemplifies strength and leadership, and whose African American and Asian heritage we celebrate as a reflection of the diversity within the membership of Workers United.


We stand ready to support our President and Vice-President through their pro-worker agenda.


Together, let us turn the page and work with the Biden-Harris administration to ensure good jobs that will rebuild the middle class,  provide opportunities for everyone, expand affordable healthcare, create a pathway to citizenship for all immigrant workers, and bring justice back to our Nation.