New York New Jersey

Regional Joint Board



The New York New Jersey Regional Joint Board represents over 7,000 workers in the retail, manufacturing, and garment industries, as well as in distribution centers, in New York and New Jersey. We come from nearly every continent and speak many languages, but we are united in our struggle for justice in the workplace and in our communities.

Workers United, NY NJ Regional Joint Board is excited to announce the launch of the Nail Salon Organizing Project. By joining with community-based organizations fighting for the rights of nail salon workers, our Union has become an important resource for nail salon workers who are organizing to change their conditions. Their lives mirror the story of so many workers in our nation.


We dedicate ourselves to campaigns that lead to a change in the standards in the industries where we represent our members. Over the last century, our Union has helped workers organize to change working conditions for thousands of workers.


General Manager

Julie Kelly


Fred Kaplan

Board of Directors

Minerva Javier, Michael McGonagle, Nicholas Morin, Milagros Penalo.