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"At-Will-Employee", that is what you are if you do not have a union. As an "at-will-employee" you are at the mercy of your employer. Your employer can fire you tomorrow for no logical reason, and there is nothing you can do. Also, as "at-will-employee" you are at the mercy of your employer when it comes to your wages. A company is not obligated to pay its workers what they deserve, unless there's a union. As an "at-will-employee" you do not have the right to speak up about your working conditions. The bottom line is that as an "at-will-employee" you do not have a voice at work.

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If you are friendly with management ask them if they would be OK to have a customer or vendor that demands to not have a contract? Their answer should not shock you. Most companies will demand contracts from their vendors and customers, and that's OK. So, why shouldn't the same be for you? A Collective Bargaining Agreement is a legal contract between the workers and the employer. This contract addresses things such as wages, health insurance rates, working conditions, disciplinary procedures, vacations, among other things that affect the way you do your job.

We, at Workers United, believe that every worker in North America should have a union. Unions have proven, throughout history, that they are the driving force to uplift the working class by bargaining for better wages and working conditions. On an average a Union workers makes 20% more in wages and benefits than their non-union counterparts. And a Union gives you a voice, not just at work but in your community.


your rights are protected

• You have the right under Federal Law to form, join and assist your Union, Workers United;

• To bargain collectively through your Union, Workers United, and act together with your co-workers for mutual aid and protection;

• To talk openly with your co-workers about your Union, discuss wages and benefits, wear Workers United's buttons and t-shirts;

• To hand out Workers United's information and solicit Authorization Cards (Union cards) during non-work time, in non-work area - on or off the employer's property;

• Your employer can not threaten your job, wages or benefits;

• Your rights are covered under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Board - NLRB.

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