What you need to know as you are called back to work                                                    

This pandemic has also forced all of us to adjust to a New Normal in everything we do, from socializing with family and friends, to shopping, to taking care of our health, to how we work. 

The New Normal at your job can be disruptive and at times overwhelming.

That is why Workers United is putting an increased focus on how our members can protect themselves at home, traveling to work and on the job, and working with employers to understand their responsibilities in  in providing all workers with a safe and healthy environment to return to.

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the new normal
  • What will be your new normal? Until there is a vaccine, we have to protect ourselves, and those around us.

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Your employer's responsibilities
  • All employer should have a written Infectious Disease Response Plan 

  • What is contact tracing?

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Your rights and responsibilities
  • You have a right to a safe workplace

  • Questions to ask your employer

  • What to do if you feel unsafe