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Retire from your job and stay with your UNION!

The Workers United Retirees Association is an international network of union retirees dedicated to improving the lives of working families and retirees. The Workers United Retirees Association is made up of retired union members from Workers United and our predecessor unions: ILGWU, ACTWU, UNITE and UNITE HERE.


By joining the Workers United Retirees Association, you are joining an army of retired brothers and sisters dedicated to fighting for working families and improving the lives of retirees.


  • Continue to be part of your union. Association members have a voice within the union.

  • Stay informed through newsletters and email updates about our union, Social Security, Medicare, healthcare, prescription drugs and benefits for seniors.

  • Get assistance in building retiree chapters in your area, as well as identifying resources that can help retirees in your region.

  • Receive discounts through Union Plus, a provider of benefits and discounts to union members, retirees, and their families. Union Plus offers discounts on AT&T wireless phone service, Dell computers, pet care, legal services, home heating oil, and much more.

As an association member, you are also a member of the Alliance for Retired Americans, a nationwide organization of more than 4.2 million members working together to make their voices heard in legislation, policies, politics and institutions that shape the lives of retirees.

 To join the Association is only $3 a month or $36 a year! 

Retiree News

Retirees Celebrate the Holidays in Chicago

Workers United's retirees met at the Historic 333 S. Ashland Avenue. home to CMRJB Workers United in Chicago, to celebrate the Holiday season. Our retirees had a great lunch and were invited to live entertainment. The retirees have had a long tradition with their Holiday Party, and they have pledged to continue this tradition for as long as they can. If you have retired from a Workers United union shop make sure to join our retirees. You will not want to miss on the fun.




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