The recently passed CARES Act ensures unemployment insurance is retroactive from January 27, 2020, if you have been laid off, had your hours cut, or had to stay home because of the coronavirus. Here is a summary of how our members are impacted by the CARES Act.


It is important that you apply for unemployment insurance immediately after you have been laid off, had your hours cut, or have had to stop work because of the virus. There is no wait time to apply.


Here is a step by step approach to applying for unemployment online.


Many states have waived the wait time to apply for unemployment. If you have been laid off due to your employer needing to shut down because of the current Coronavirus pandemic, apply immediately.

It will be helpful for you to collect all the needed documents in advance of applying online because some application sites will time out after a bit. Note some States might differ slightly on what is required, but this is pretty much the standard.


Gather your documents

Here is the list of documents you need. Check with your state as some might require additional information


Find your state or Canada and access the form

This will lead you to a list of states and Canada with links to the unemployment application page


Complete and submit the form

Complete all the online fields required in your application

Need help? 


Please email us if you need help with the application, and we will set up a virtual appointment to walk through the form with you